Monday, June 24, 2013

Seize: The Story - Cole Kellar

My name is Cole. I am 3 years old. I was a healthy little boy saying mama & dada and waving, until 10 months old when I suddenly developed "A-tonic drop seizures" & "Absent Seizures" aka "Petit-Mal"in August 2009. My world suddenly changed as I had 100's of seizures a day. After I started having seizures, my brain couldn't keep up and I was diagnosed with severe brain disorder called "Epileptic Encephalopathy" and started regressing developmentally. I stopped pointing, waving & saying mama & dada. I don't talk anymore & get frustrated so I cry a lot. I am developmentally a 10 month old & a 20 month old motor wise, but I am really 3. I started the Ketogenic Diet in 2010-2011, it helped 75% of my seizures, I was on it for 1 year...but ALL of the seizures came back in FULL FORCE. I've also been diagnosed with "Intractable Epilepsy" meaning that my seizures are being treated, but they aren't stopping. I've been on A LOT of seizures meds, none of them worked...they made my seizures worse. Doctors call me a "complicated" case and don't know how to help me. On February 22, 2011- I flew across the county to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio & neurologist Dr. Deepak Lachhwani found that my left temporal & occipital lobes are malformed aka "Cortical Dysplasia". They found a 3rd seizure type as well, "Infantile Spasms" aka "West Syndrome" which are HORRIBLE seizures with a poor prognosis on development. On September 1, 2011 I had brain surgery to remove my Left Temporal & Occipital Lobes by the BEST neurosurgeon, Dr. William Bingaman (who has done the MOST pediatric brain surgery's and has NEVER had a fatality, most hospitals have a 1 in 100 deaths from brain surgery). I had 150+ seizures a day for 2 straight years. Since my surgery, my mommy & daddy haven't seen any "S's".  You can  read more about me on my blog

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