Friday, March 28, 2014

Press Release: Association seeks CFO/Treasurer


Association seeks CFO/Treasurer

West Jordan, Utah- March 28, 2014 – The Epilepsy Association of Utah, a 501(c)(3) charity, is seeking a Treasurer to oversee the day-to-day financial operations of our organization.

Qualified candidates will have a finance degree and/or a min 4 years proven track record of NPO financial oversight. The ideal candidate must provide monthly reconciliation to the Board and oversee all aspects of the financial health of the Association with no compensation. This position will report directly to a Board of Directors and will also assist in creating and maintaining the strategic vision of the organization.

Send resume and cover letter, including references to: Holly at

Job Description
Position:  CFO/Treasurer
Reports to:  Board of Directors
Purpose:  To manage and support the EAU’s finances.
Salary: None

The Board Treasurer is first, and foremost, a member of the Executive Board of the Epilepsy Association of Utah complete with voting privileges.  This is a volunteer position has a term of 4 years.

The Treasurer will oversee the financial health of the Association and present a monthly statement of finances to the Board of Directors.

Treasurer Responsibilities:
  • Serve as Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee
  • Authorized second signer on all checks
  • Create and maintain policies related to the budget, audit, investment, financial controls and fiscal management philosophies
  • Lead the Finance and Audit Committee in a review of any contracts for which the value is greater than $5,000; the contract spans multiple years and has a value of more than $5,000 per year; the contract has financial implications of more than $5,000 and was not included in the annual budget
  • Oversee, in consultation with staff, the budget development and monitoring process
  • Prepare reports for the meetings of the Board of Directors on the status of the current budget, investments and any financial issues requiring Board review and/or approval
  • Fulfill other duties as assigned by the CEO/President or Board of Directors.

General Responsibilities:
  • Participate in the development and annual monitoring of the EAU’s strategic plan;
  • Exercise fiduciary responsibility for the fiscal health of the organization;
  • Represent the best interests of the organization on all issues raised in Board meetings, based on careful analysis of agendas and supporting material;
  • Know and uphold the regulations, policies, and procedures of the organization;
  • Represent the EAU’s positions to individuals and groups with whom the Board member interacts (e.g. open doors to potential donors, make visits, or identify key alliance partners;)
  • Adhere to conflict of interest policy of the EAU;
  • Agree to the terms established in the Board of Directors Contract;
  • Recruit new members for the organization. 

Founded in 1973, The Epilepsy Association of Utah is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all individuals living with Epilepsy and seizure disorders. 1 in 26 people will develop Epilepsy at some time in their lives leading to over 100,000 people in Utah alone. Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological disorder in the US after migraine, stroke and Alzheimer’s. The Epilepsy Association of Utah offers a public education program, statewide support groups, personal and professional advocacy, college scholarships, art exhibits, educational conferences, summer camp and more.  Visit for additional information.

Press Contact:        Jennifer May

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