Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Community Service Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2016 Community Service Award Recipients. 
To view photos of the event please visit:

Youth Advocate
The President's Award
Ava Maughan
Youth Advocate of the Year
Glenn D Maughan

The President's Awards
Candi Huff
Sage Edson
Advocate of the Year
Jessica Hastings

Keystone Award
Glenn Maughan

Commercial Partner
The President's Award
Sam’s Club
Commercial Partner of the Year
Salt Lake City Public Library

Medical Professional
The President's Award
Dr. Weston Spencer
Medical Professional of the Year
Dr. Denise Morita

The Charlee Award
David Hultgren

Youth Volunteer
The President's Award
Madison Huff
Youth Volunteer of the Year
Taylor Maughan

Dedicated Service Award
Holly Ferrin

Memorial Awards
MacLean Collard
Chris Connor
David Hultgren

Board Member of the Year
The President's Award
Jennifer May
Board Member of the Year
Annette Maughan

The Purple Star Award
Dolores Hansen
Abbey Bonecela
Representative Raymond Ward
Representative Doug Sagers
Madison Huff
Caden Frank

Volunteer Group
The President's Award
Utah Kids Foundation
Volunteer Group of the Year
KBG Foundation

Volunteer of the Year
The President's Award
Devin Young
Volunteer of the Year

Judy Hultgren

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